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Strands & Modes of Engagement

The work of the Present Histories Research Cluster works across four strands, each with three modes of engagement.


STRAND 1: (Re)claiming/disputing the past:

on the relationship of historical research to conflicting perspectives on the past, and the claims made upon the past in the present STRAND 2:

STRAND 2: Representing the past:

on public and private representation of the past, exploring ideas and practices of preservation, commemoration, legacy, and heritage  

STRAND 3: Documenting the past:

on the ways in which evidence itself is produced, accessed, analyzed and valorized, and how the archive both speaks and silences

STRAND 4: Reconciling past and present:

on the articulation of continuance and resilience in the face of trauma and violence, and the multiple legacies of the past that must speak to the idea and practice of reconciliation

Modes of EngagEment

Pedagogical initiatives

Integration with the Arts

Community Engagement