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Son histoire, mon histoire

Project Lead: Dr. George Belliveau, Professor and Head, LLED, Faculty of Education
“Son histoire, mon histoire” revisits and critically reflects on Acadian history. Using historical documents and fiction, the play traces two characters living in two separate time periods (1750s & 1970s), both pivotal in Acadia’s cultural identity and development. The first period is in the midst of the Acadian Expulsion, which saw more than 10,000 French Acadians forcibly removed from current day Nova Scotia by the British. The second time period focuses on the numerous Acadians forced to leave their villages to gain employment elsewhere (mostly Ontario and Northeastern U.S.) in the late 20th century.  
The Acadians have largely been a non-literate culture whose history has been written in languages other than their own. Their language has evolved mostly orally and it is only in the last few decades that the beauty of the Acadian language has been fully explored. This play traces some of the linguistic transitions of Acadians through the lives of the characters. Also, the dynamic relationship between the Mi’kmaq and Acadians, one that is built on mutual respect for land, is explored. A central aim for the play is to be porous enough for other cultures, groups of people, to resonate and see parallels of their story and experience depicted.

The first element of this project is a creative workshop, on April 26, 2021: join us!